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Pool Water Testing

SPS003X - Palintest Photometer Compact Pooltest 3 - Extended Chlorine Range in Soft Case



Product Description


The Pooltest 3 provides digital results for the three key parameters for pool disinfection control - chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid:

  • Colorimetric analysis giving accurate and fast digital results
  • Waterproof with a large backlit LCD screen
  • Easy-to-use four button operation.


SPS003D (soft case)SPS003X (soft case) (ext range)SPH003D (hard case)SPH003X (hard case) (extt range)
Pooltest 3 instrument
Crush/stir rods (x4)
Cuvette brush
DPD 1 (0 - 5 ppm)30100
DPD 3 (0 - 5 ppm)30100
DPD XF (0 - 10 ppm)30100
DPD XT (0 - 10 ppm)30100
pH phenol red2020100100
Cyanuric acid2020100100
Soft carry case
Hard carry case